Starting literally from scratch with no capital, technology, or experience, President Tang Buk Kung along with 30 employees established Tang Kung Huat Company in 1975 as such a manufacturer and distributor for spring, steel desk and cabinet, steel chain and painted slotted angle.

In 1978, The company sold out steel desk and cabinet business, shut down spring production line and placed steel pipes production in line and also changed from Tang Kung Huat Company to Thai Koon Steel Company Limited. With registered capital of 200,000,000 bahts 170 employees at that time and mainly manufacturing and distributing 3 products in which are steel chains, painted slotted angles and steel pipes.

Year 1990

Through the years, Thai Koon Steel Company has focused on manufacturing high value-added strategic products , in line with the move, we commissioned a new plant K&S Steel Pipe company respectively in 1990 with brand. It is located at 135/3 Moo 2 Susawad Rd. Bangchak Phrapradang Samutprakarn with registered capital of 40,000,000 bahts .

Year 2011

On July 13, 2011 the Company conforms to management system standard ISO 9001:2008 with certification No. AJA 11/15238.

With continuouslly sustainable development of our products, selected excellent production equipments, committed staffs as well as striving for service excellence, we have been recognized for high quality products from local and international organizations.

  • Steel chain is for use such applications as guard rails, tie down, load binding, logging, industrial uses and general purposes. The trademarks , represent for steel chains which are manufactured to meet Local Standard of TKS specification. The trademark represents for steel chain which is manufactured to meet international standards of ASTM, JIS, EN and AS specification. Thai Koon Steel Company is recorded to be the first manufacturer in Thailand who can produce these international standard steel chains.
  • Painted Slotted Angle has been registered to comply with Thai Industrial Standard TIS.659-2529 since July 17, 2003. It has been recognized as the first and the only one brand who registered for the standard. (last Update Sep 1, 2015).
  • Quality ERW steel pipes & tubes under trademarks , are used in variety of applications such as structural construction, automobile parts, pallets, scaffolding, home and office furnitures etc. Manufacturing process of ERW steel pipes & tubes conform to ASTM, AS, BS, EN, JIS and TIS.

Year 2015


On Mar 6, 2015 K&S Steel Pipe Company sold out Pipe production lines to Thai Koon Steel Company and also changed company name to Thai Koon Trader Company Limited along with new objective of trading business.

Year 2015

Thai Koon Steel Company expanded its production bases for Sheet Metal Stamping Service starting on Oct 1, 2015. Characteristics of Stamped Parts depend on customer requirements such as specified blanking, Marking, Piercing, Bending, Forming, Drawing, Embossing, Coining, Swaging, Shaving, and Trimming etc.

Year 2017

  • Thai Koon Steel Company has expanded its production base of international standard chains by importing wire drawing machine, heat treatment system from Germany and some other machines such as marking machine, calibrating machine, cutting machine and hardness tester from various countries. These are especially for all manufacturing processes to meet with international standard specifications.
  • Move from MANAGEMENT SYSTEM STANDARD ISO 9001 : 2008 TO ISO 9001 : 2015

CSR Activities

over many years have come to represent quality, trust, business leadership, highest ethical standards and respect for all local and international organizations. For those organizations, both public sectors and private sectors such as automobile industry, mining industry, construction , consumer goods, engineering, packaging, lifting and excavating, defense and security, warehouse and transportations, forestry, fishery, racking and shelving etc.

High quality product is not only our concern but also, social and environmental considerations are our important concerns such as clean energy, energy saving and environment protection campaingns.

We believe that a company should contribute to the communities in which it operates. As such we spend some of our profits on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, such as environmental sustainability and social development and healthcare initiatives.

The TKS group has consistently been run according to the principle that the profit it creates should be returned to society. By providing a safe workplace, respecting the environment, caring for our communities and demonstating high ethical standards.